Help Your Boyfriend Overcome Performance Anxiety

Cute passionate couple together on the bedOften times a woman may try to help her boyfriend overcome performance anxiety. Sometimes us guys forget that performance anxiety not only affects us, but it affects our partners as well. By just taking a look at Google searches it is easy to see that many women are searching for information about how to help their boyfriend overcome performance anxiety.

In my experience, women sometimes believe that their boyfriend’s performance anxiety was caused by something the woman did or didn’t do. On the other end of the spectrum some men assure their girlfriends that the performance anxiety is entirely their problem and that the woman plays no role in his performance in the bedroom. I believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

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Getting on the Right Track | belief

hot brunette cropThe first step to overcoming performance anxiety is believing that you can. There is no skipping ahead, and no shortcut around belief. In order to actually improving in the bedroom, you have to start believing that it is possible.

When I was suffering from performance anxiety it took me many months to conjure up a belief within myself that I could actually learn how to have great sex. The anxious and depressing feelings I carried with me everywhere I went made it difficult for me to believe that good sex was possible.

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Focus on your Breathing to Overcome Anxiety

dealing with performance anxietyDo you feel nervous when you get into bed with a woman?  Are you unsure of how things are going to progress in bed, and thus you get anxious?

Believe me I used to feel the same way.  You are not alone!

If you feel worried and anxious about your performance in bed, then you really don’t have much of a chance.  This is called performance anxiety and many men deal with it constantly.  Performance anxiety in bed will effectively block your body from doing what it naturally knows how to do best – which is have amazing sex.

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3 Steps to Ecstasy-Like Sex

sexual anxietyGetting over performance anxiety in bed can be broken down into 3 simple steps.  If you can, over time, master these 3 steps you will enjoy ecstasy-like sex and get over performance anxiety in bed.

Believe me, I’ve been working on mastering these 3 steps since deciding that I had to overcome performance anxiety in bed. Incredible sex does not happen magically.  You have to practice on your mental game.

Every sexual experience is different-especially when you are just starting to work on getting over performance anxiety in bed.  Yet for me, over time I have noticed an upward, positive trend in the frequency of really powerful, deep and incredibly enjoyable sex experiences.

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How I Overcame Performance Anxiety Last Night

performance anxiety in bedI had an interesting experience last night-an experience I have not had since I was struggling with overcoming performance anxiety.  To make a long story short, I tried having sex and it just didn’t happen.

In other words, despite being with an incredible woman in every aspect (my girlfriend of course! LOL) I just was not turned on and could not get an erection.

For me it’s been a while since this has occurred.  The last time was probably a few years ago when I was still learning how to overcome performance anxiety.

Now you would think that this wouldn’t happen to a guy who manages a blog about this performance anxiety in men.  However it did happen, even though I feel like I know exactly how to have amazing sex and overcome performance anxiety.  So what’s the deal?

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1 Simple Strategy for Better Sex

overcoming performance anxiety in bedIf you are a young or middle aged guy hoping to learn how to overcome performance anxiety in bed, then you are not alone.  You are part of a large group that no one ever hears a peep from.  Honestly there are countless thousands (perhaps millions) of men also trying to figure out how to overcome performance anxiety in bed.

Of course you never hear anything from these guys because there is a hysteria of sorts around having problems in the bedroom.  Our society places so much pressure on sex that most of these guys are just too embarrassed to talk about performance anxiety in bed.

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How to Start Overcoming Performance Anxiety in Bed Today

how to overcome performance anxietyWhat if I told you that you could learn how to overcome performance anxiety in bed by simply changing how you think?

How would you feel if I told you that nothing at all is wrong with you.  And that performance anxiety in bed is perfectly natural?

Would you take action today – if I told you that you could start improving in the bedroom tomorrow ?

The wonderful news is that all of this is 100% possible and within your reach.  The only way to overcome performance anxiety in the bedroom is to change the way you think.  Performance anxiety in bed really is extremely common and completely natural.  You can start improving in the bedroom, as soon as you begin addressing your performance anxiety from the correct angle.Continue reading

Performance Anxiety in Bed | 15 Seconds to Better Sex

performance anxiety in bedGuys who struggle dealing with performance anxiety in bed always have a similar history.

At one point in their sexual life, they experienced trouble in the bedroom.  As time went on their problems dealing with performance anxiety in bed increased, and more troubles in the bedroom continued to occur.  Throughout a period of months and often years these men arrived at the belief that they were not good lovers.

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Boulders, Performance Anxiety and Better Sex

sexual anxietyOver the past week I’ve been writing a lot about developing a quiet mind.  Conjuring a quiet mind, and being fully present in the moment is the only way to have really great sex.

Yet if you’re just starting to learn how to overcome performance anxiety, you  may find it difficult to keep your mind quiet and remain fully present in the moment.

This is perfectly natural so don’t worry about it.  If you have been struggling for a long time with how to overcome performance anxiety, you are probably in the habit of worrying, doubting and anxiously thinking about your performance in bed when you are trying to have sex.

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